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        I'm Your Typical take charge, No BS, outspoken model - so perhaps,  not as typical as I implied. I do however, work fulltime at trying to create the best image possible for clients and photograpers alike. Having worked in all aspects of the industry, I am a well travelled little lady with a somewhat-unique sense of humor and attitude. I've lived in Mexico City, Istanbul, Greece, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Los Angeles and have worked as a fitness model, wrestler, fashion model, and model instructor.

       It's a competitive field that often gets its accolades at a price. Who you know, an unhealthy BMI, how much money can you invest in your image, etc... And I want to be one of the influencers to shake everything up! I don't stand at 5'10, I can do more pushups than your average Joe, and my silly demeanor has a tendenacy to make my "sultry image" less sexy in person. But, what I do put out there, is more than just a 'pretty face.'  I help make self-help content for beginner models, answer questions, and try to make a positive change in an industry that tries to keep all its information to itself for fear of competition. 

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