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Strike A Pose - New Vlog Video

What's cooler than models in Lingerie? Nothing, Maybe Outkast! If your my brother, then perhaps ANYTHING ELSE when that said model is me. I'm prepping all my future replacements who are just starting their careers in modeling with a new instructional video, 'How to Model - Lingerie Standing.' This video breaks down the different types of lingerie modeling and provides 10 simple poses for each variation. It's my version of poking fun at the industry and being myself while still bestowing useful information. I love hearing feedback from photographers who offer up my videos as support for new models. This video has been a long time coming and most often asked for, so I am going to break it down into maybe 3 videos to keep them short and sweet! Any more suggestions or ideas for videos feel free to reach out and comment on YouTube or down below. As much as I love the emails, my inbox gets a little overwhelming and I tend to not return those messages.

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