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Now that the new website is up, the portfolio is up to date and printed, and I'm back on home turf, I have all this motivation to hit the ground running! I want to make new content, meet new connections, and be more productive, only catch is... I have some type of video-bloggers-block. Do I think of funny, witty ideas to show my personality better or do I stick to the basics and have self-help vids that are quick and to the point? Do I do both and risk annoying whatever viewer base I have? And what kind of crazy hair-brained scheme can I think up to catch the attention of Sports Illustrated?! I debate going Shawshank-Redemption-style and writing a letter every week for the rest of my life, but the Canadian in me thinks that may be rude! Even if it took 25 years, they did just put the first 50+ year old model in their issue. Maybe they will have their breaking point at just 5 years. Anyways, until a new How-To-Model video is created my viewing audience will have to make due with the last few videos I posted on YouTube down below. My E-commerce video is basically just a silly, super quick variety of new standing poses and much easier to watch than my 'How to model - Standing poses', but for some reason has just about 20 000 less views. Awwe Crud!

Are there any video ideas that photographers want me to make? I know of an LA based beauty photographer wanting me to make a quick video with her but there's got to be more ideas I haven't come across. What to do, what to do, Mhmmmm! ^ That's me up there... Pondering.

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